Stangel Pharmacy Fitness Center

The Stangel Pharmacy Fitness Center is home to several types of exercise equipment. The fitness center houses the cardiovascular machines and the resistance equipment essential for a total body workout.

The cardiovascular machines available are treadmills, elliptical machines (both upright and recumbent). The resistance equipment available are leg press/calf extension, leg extension/leg curl, lat pull down/sitting row, bicep curl/tricep extension, bench press/military press, and pectoral fly.

The fitness center is available to members between the hours of 4:00am and 11:00pm, Sunday through Saturday.

We are excited to offer Onawa and the surrounding communities the opportunity to exercise and live healthier lives. We encourage everyone to try out our fitness center.

Membership packages are available for students, families, senior citizens, and singles. For more information contact the Community Center at 712.433.2201.


Fitness Center Rates


Available memberships             1 Month    3 Months    6 Months    1 Year


Student *                                   $18.00      $50.00        $100.00      $90.00


Single                                        $20.00      $50.00        $100.00      $120.00


Family **                                    $30.00      $80.00        $150.00      $210.00


Senior Citizen ***                       $15.00      $40.00        $60.00        $90.00


Senior Couple                            $20.00      $50.00        $90.00        $156.00


Key Fob access                      $10.00 per key             $10.00 per replacement key




*    Student: Child ages 14 thru 19 years of age, currently in school or a current college student with college I.D. or current class schedule.


**   Family:  Parent/guardians and dependent children 10 thru 19 years of age.  Children ages 10 thru 13 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.


***  Senior Citizen:  age 65 and over.